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Advance spoken English course in Pune India


As we all know English is a global language and in today’s corporate world, the English language is mandatory. Whether you are a working professional, a student, or a parent, a good grip on English has become a prerequisite. It’s not just about communication, learning a new language, say English, enables you to develop your skills and enhance your confidence. 


You’ll be able to perform well in all sectors of life and tackle any situation regarding your job, business, or in any group discussions, or professional presentations. So if you are looking for English-speaking classes in Pune and want to pursue a fluent English speaking course then you are in right place. English speaking classes near me? If this question is bothering you, here is the solution to your issue.


Here we have a compiled list of all the online spoken English classes in Pune which provides you with the best online English courses where you can learn basic level English, advance level, intermediate level, conversation practice, soft skill, fluent English speaking, SWOT Analysis, Personality Development, Interpersonal Skills, Master in Communication, 

Listening Skills, E-mail Etiquettes, Interview Preparation, Intermediate Level, Conversation Practice, Effective Communication Skills.


So if you are wondering about the English-speaking classes near me you are in right place. On this list, you’ll get to know about online English-speaking classes in Pune including English-speaking courses for beginners, English spoken classes.


Engspeak academy, Pune 

Our Motto is, “If you can Communicate Better, You can Work better, You can Earn better”


We strongly believe that communication is an essential component of managerial functions. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups by facilitating the exchange of information and understanding.


Engspeak academy provides one of the best English-speaking courses in Pune, We follow modern infrastructure with personalized attention from experienced faculties. We have experienced facilities and wide spoken English courses and modules within reasonable fees to help our students get confident in English.  


Courses and modules:


We have divided our course into two-part: 

  • Spoken English 
  • Personality Development 

  • Spoken English

Under Spoken English, our trained staff will help you polish your English speaking skill from basic to advance. We have 5 modules in it which will help you strengthen your core. 


Module 1: Grammar and Vocabulary

Module 2:      Verbal Communication and GD 

Module 3:       Pronunciation, Modulation, writing (Mail)

Module 4:       Accent Neutralization 

Module 5:       Interview Skills 

  • Personality Development

Communication Skills  

Public Speaking  

Body Language- Non-verbal  

Organizing Thoughts / Story Telling  

Confidence Building  

Hesitation Removal  

Shyness Removal  

Positive Thinking  

Social Etiquettes 

Pleasing mannerisms


Pursuing an online English speaking course is a good option, as English is a highly demanded and fastest-growing requirement for the corporate world, so if you are looking for English speaking classes in Pune and then these institutions will provide you with quality knowledge from expertise.

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